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My name is Benny Ivey. I was born on April 20th 1976 and grew up between Jackson and Rankin County, Mississippi, all my life. Raised and conditioned from a very young age to be nothing more than a drug addict and an outlaw, a meth addict of 18 years and Central Mississippi Regional Captain of the Simon City Royals organization here in Central Mississippi. I began to get clean and climb from those pits of addiction and the street life in 2010. I am now more than 10 years clean from meth and long since retired from the organization. I’m a husband to a beautiful wife and father to a beautiful daughter, standing member of Move Church in Pearl, Ms, Owner of Benny Ivey Plumbing & More LLC in Central Mississippi, Co-Director of The Strong Arms Of Mississippi Credible Messenger Program and solid proof that we don’t have to be Products Of Our Environment! Generational Curses can be broken! We can break the cycle! Dedicated to God, my family and mentoring youth in and out of Juvenile Detention to help  set them on a path for a better life, because I believe that once we’re able to overcome and climb from those pits, it’s our duty and obligation to turn around and lend a helping hand to the next person climbing out! That’s just being 100!  Raised by Outlaws, Saved by God’s Grace!!!

Mission Statement

Using my life story and Testimony, I share my experiences with troubled youth, and adults alike, to show them that they don’t have to be and remain products of their environment and that they can choose to pursue a better life…a Real life…through God and steadfast determination. With the help of my Strong Arms of Jxn and Strong Arms Of Rankin County teams, we aim to reach those who think there is no way out and help them to climb from those pits of addiction, gangs, and anything deemed the street life. In doing so, I hope to help repave those streets that I helped to destroy!! All Glory to God!

Credible Messenger Program, The Strong Arms of Jxn & Strong Arms Of Rankin County

Our Strong Arms Of Jxn Credible Messenger Program is now in the process of being launched in Jackson, Ms. Coming directly behind it, we’ll be bringing a model to Rankin County, as well. The program will consist of, not only mentoring troubled youth and kids from every situation and background, but, also adults as well, to try to lead them away from the negative lives that can only lead to prison or death…Our models will have resources in place to help the youth, and adults alike, to get the help they need to push forward on a more positive path. Everything from Employment, Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse, Counseling, Conflict Resolution, Workforce Development, Mental Health Help, Re-Entry Positive Reinforcement, Soft Skills Training and More. Whatever Is Needed For Each Individual Person To Be Able To Move Forward And Prosper! 

In order to have and maintain  successful programs, of course, we’ll need to be funded. Our sister, Rukia Lumumba of The People’s Advocacy Institute is working very hard and diligently to do just that…Get us funded for the full year, next year and beyond. I want to try to do my part to help her with that, if I possibly can, so I added a link on my website so that anyone who felt led to, could donate to our programs. It’s located on this Home page directly under The Mission Statement…..Please, spread the word!! You never know who might see it and feel compelled to help!! Thanks yall!! Much Love!! Keep the prayers coming!! They’re definitely working!! God Bless!! #StrongArmsOfJxn #StrongArmsOfRankinCounty  ❤💪

My full testimony…kinda long, but, I have alot to say Lol If you or someone you know is struggling with dope, gangs,…

Posted by Benny Ivey on Sunday, November 18, 2018

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